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Teco, Teco Drive, Teco Group

Since it was founded in 1956, besides being one of world's leading motor-manufacturer, TECO is fast becoming a highly competitive business conglomerate with global-scale operation domain. Spanning most of the past 50 years, TECO has engaged various business areas such as Industrial Motors Industry, Home Appliances, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Key Component Manufacturing, Infrastructure Construction, while enhancing its communications technology as to sustain the operation of its global sales and marketing network. TECO is unleashing a restructuring plan that calls for integration of Group resources and the establishment of six business sectors: Industrial Product & System Sector, Consumer Appliance & Service Sector, IT & Optronics Product Sector, Telecommunications & Service Sector, Information System & Service Sector and Investment & Holding Sector. With this, TECO Group is well positioned in consolidating its core businesses while engaging the emerging global markets and new business opportunities, and striving towards its corporate vision of becoming a world-class enterprise with innovative technologies and excellent services. The forerunner of TECO SA was Taian electric, which was founded in March 1969 and merged with TECO in Oct 2003. Ever since its establishment, TECO never stops making contribution towards the industrial automation technology. TECO products include AC/DC Motor Controls, molded-case circuit breakers, switchgears, AC/DC frequency inverters, programmable logic controllers and servo controllers. The sturdy automation appliances not only meet the fundamental security requirement, also provide an integral automation solution which is highly energy-saving. With the abundant resource of TECO Group, SA shall expand its global branches to provide client-orient post-sale service. Through constant innovation and investment in research, SA aspires to becoming one of the most outstanding business groups in the world.
    AC Drive / Variable Frequency Drive / Inverter


EV Series

110V Class:0.25~1HP,suitable motor capacity:0.2~0.75kW
220V Class:0.25~3HP,suitable motor capacity:0.2~2.2kW
440V Class: 1~3HP, suitable motor capacity:0.75~2.2kW

•Sensorless Vector Control, high starting torque •VR built-in 8 step speeds setting •PID function
•Built-in 24V, 50mA power source for external usage •Built-in class A filter •IP20 & IP65 (NEMA4)


S310 Series

220V Class: 0.5~1HP, suitable for motor capacity: 0.4~0.75kW

•With Auto Torque Boost, 150% Torque Output at 6Hz •Output Frequency up to 400Hz
•Ultra low Noise Operation with built-in SOFT-PWM •Improved Braking Capability by Built-in Braking Transistor (In B Type) •Built-in RS485 Communication (In C Type) •5 digit 7 Segment Removable keypad with standard RJ45 interface •Cooling by Heat Sink, eliminating Fan Noise
•Economic Blind type Model (Without display/key Pad) is Available.


CV Series

220V Class:0.5~40HP,suitable motor capacity:0.4~30kW
440V Class:1~75HP,suitable motor capacity:0.75~55kW

•Sensorless Vector •150% starting torque •LED/LCD Keypad Display •NPN/PNP Digital Input
•PID function •Copy Unit Function •PC/PDA Link •EMC Filter Built-in (Class B Option)
•Built-in PLC function •IP20 Enclosure


N310 Series

220V Class: 0.5~3HP, suitable for motor capacity: 0.4~2.2kW
440V Class: 1~215HP, suitable for motor capacity: 0.75~160kW

•Wide Power range from 0.4 to 160kW •Built-in Advanced Flux Vector Control, Speed Control Range: 1:100 (0.5-50Hz) •Output Frequency up to 1200 Hz ( Special Models only) •Option Card Function is available for Customized Models •Ultra Low Noise Operation with Built-in SOFT-PWM •Higher Reliability and Environment Immunity with PCB Protection Coating •Built-in RS485 Communication •Global Field Network Options such as: -ProfiBus DP, DeviceNetTM •5 digit 7 Segment Removable keypad with standard RJ45 interface
•Copy Unit option, is available for Parameter Copy•PID Control Function is Built-in


MA Series

220V Class:1~40HP, suitable motor capacity:0.75~30kW
440V Class:1~75HP, suitable motor capacity:0.75~55kW


•Interactive LCD, used as Copy Unit •RS-485, Modbus, Profibus (option)•PG Built-in Interface
•Dual Rating Overload Protection •Energy-Saving./ Sensorless + Auto-turning •Output Phase Loss Protection •Pulse Train command, +10V ~ -10V Analog commander • Over torque Detection.

PA Series

220V Class:5~125HP, suitable motor capacity:3.7~90kW
440V Class:5~500HP, suitable motor capacity:3.7~375kW

•FAN & PUMP Inverter •PID with Auto Energy Saving •LCD Keypad used as Copy Unit•Output common mode choke built-in•Modbus, Profibus, Metasys, LonWorks •3 Analog Inputs •2 Analog Outputs •Motor Thermistor I/P



GS Series

220V Class:25~100HP,suitable motor capacity:18.5~75kW
440V Class:25~400HP,suitable motor capacity:18.5~300kW


•V/F & V/F+PG & Sensorless Vector •PID with Auto Energy Saving •LCD/LED Keypad •C.M. noise reduction •RS-485 Modbus (SI-M) •Field Bus communication Profibus (GS-P) •Motor parameter Autotuning

    Motion Control

   AC Servo Drives


JSDE Series AC Servo System


• Capacity : 50W ~ 1KW
• 2500 ppr Incremental Encoder
• Human operating interface. Status indication and Diagnostics
• Multi-Function Torque, Speed, Position, and dual control mode
• Frequency Characteristic max 300Hz up
• Multi-sets of programmable DI/DO ports for multi-function
• Analog Input ports : Speed Command, Torque / Speed Limit
• Built-in Brake Unit
• Built-in RS232 / RS485 Interface




JSDA Series AC Servo System

TECO JSDA & JSDE servo driver when integrated with JSMA Servo Motor 50W ~ 3KW, and combined with a 2000 / 2500 / 8192 ppr incremental encoder will provide excellent performance for a wide range of applications.

• Multi-Function : Torque, Speed, Position, Point to Point setting and dual control mode, which enables optimal control by integration with other control systems.
• Main Circuit/ Control Circuit Power Separation: Effective protective function, simple to check available for JSDA.
• Built-in Brake Unit :To meet the requirement of high inertia load changes.
JSDA:Built-in Braking transistor and Braking resistor JSDE: Built-in Braking transistor
• Simple Gain tuning : Built-in 10 levels of system rigidity setting and ON-Line / OFF-Line auto gain tuning.
• Notch Filter: Effective suppression of mechanical resonance to provide a stable control system.
• Flexible Gain Control Switching
Speed loop PI(Proportional-Integral)control and P(Proportional)control switching can suppress overshoot and undershoot while motor speeds up or down.
• Built-in 16 sets programmable position settings, which enable point to point position control.
• Smoothing Effect : In position/ speed mode, the adjustment of time parameter modifies the speed/ position curve , provides smooth operation , therefore extends the life expectancy of the mechanical system.
• User friendly interface. Displays status indication and Diagnostics
• Multi-sets of programmable I/O ports for multi-function
• Complete protective function and multiple alarms for abnormal system behavior

   Controller & MMI

  Programmable Logic Controller

TP03  Series

•Max expansion 256 digital I/O points
•70 analog points(use expansion power source)
•Pulse output(100kpps * 2 points)
•High speed counter(6 points¡G1 phase 100k or 2 points 50KHz)
•Built in Real Time Clock(RTC)
•PC/PDA software
•Open network(Modbus slave, Profibus slave, Devicenet slave , TCP/IP)

GS Series

•10/12 up to 20 I/O points
•AC/DC Power base module
•0~10V Analog Input
•Powerful Application Function
•Window 95/98/ME/NT /2000 base programming software

   Motor Controls

 CU Series AC Operated Contactor
• Compact Size from 5.5~220Hp/ 11~ 72A
• Full Voltage Non-Reversing and Reversing Contactors
• A Wide Range of Common Accessories
• Compatible with RHN bimetal Overload Relay and EOL Electronic Overload Relay
• Compliance with ROHS
• Approvals: CSA Certified, UL and CE Marked

EOL Series Electronic Overload Relay
• Current Range: 0.1 ~ 150A
• Center Control: MCU• A Wide 5:1 Adjustable Range
• Self- Powered • Phase Loss, Inrush Current and Phase Imbalance Protection
• Selectable Trip Class 5, 10, 20 or 30  Visible Trip Indication
• Approvals: TUV, CE Marked, UL (File no. E124812) and CSA (180115)

CN Series AC Operated Contactor
• Compact Size from 5.5~220Hp/ 11~ 300A
• Full Voltage Non-Reversing and Reversing Contactors
• A Wide Range of Common Accessories
• Compatible with RHN bimetal Overload Relay and EOL Electronic Overload Relay
• Compliance with ROHS
• Approvals: CSA Certified, UL and CE Marked

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